We Open, Service and Repair Safes


From small fire proof lock boxes such as sentry safes all the way up to gun safes and vaults we can handle any situation big or small. Often we receive calls to open safes after something has failed inside but there were signs leading up to the failure. If you’re having to dial your combo multiple times, yank on the handle, or experiencing any difficulty with the opening operation have us come out for a service call before its too late.


Sentry safes are the most common and available safe on the market. We get calls all the time regarding them and they’re fairly easy to open in comparison to larger more expensive safes. Because of this we do not charge standard safe rates, instead the service charge and opening fees are much lower. In some cases we can even make a new key. Give us a call for a quote on sentry safes.

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We open and service gun safes of all makes and models. From simple combo changes all the way to drilling and repairing. If you’ve locked your valuables inside and cant get them out then give us a call for a quote.

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Fresno Safe Service & Repair

Precision & Perfection

When calling for a quote it helps to have any info ready. This includes make, model, and any serial number or part numbers you see.